Enzyme formulations

We proudly carry Enzyme Solutions by Enzyme Formulations Inc., which are formulated by renowned enzyme expert Dr. Howard Loomis.

Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC, a second-generation chiropractor, graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in 1968.  Upon graduation he began a practice in Missouri that he built around the same belief that his father held in his practice, that digestion was the place to begin healing and maintain health.  At the time, Dr. Loomis used traditional digestive supplements such as HCl and pancreatin (animal enzymes), just as his father had used.  By 1979 he gave up in frustration because the products failed to yield consistent results.

In 1980 he was introduced to the work of Dr. Edward Howell, MD, and his Food Enzyme Concept.  Dr. Howell’s theoretical work not only opened his eyes, but it completely changed the focus of his practice.  Shortly after his introduction to these theories, Dr. Loomis met with Dr. Howell in his Florida home to exchange information and ideas. Dr. Howell explained his theory that the enzymes found in raw food were the missing links for health.  After the meeting in Florida, he headed back to Missouri to apply Dr. Howell’s work in a clinical setting.

In 1985 he began lecturing nationally and internationally on the benefits of plant enzymes.  The following year, in addition to running his practice in Missouri, he founded 21st Century Nutrition® for the sole purpose of educating professionals on the clinical usage of enzymes.  In 1993 he sold his practice and moved his company, 21st Century Nutrition, to Madison, Wisconsin, where he founded the enzyme supplement company, Enzyme Formulations®, Inc.  In 2002 21st Century Nutrition became known as the Loomis Institute™ of Enzyme Nutrition and earned recognition by the State of Wisconsin Approval Board as a private school.

Hundreds of health care professionals have achieved Associate or Graduate status with the Institute and the number continues to grow.  Today the Loomis Institute teaches seminars on Enzyme Nutrition nationwide and also holds an annual Enzyme Nutrition Conference.  The Institute is open to licensed health care practitioners of all modalities.

Aubra, owner of Metamorphosis, is trained in the Loomis system and has been working with these formulas with great success for over a decade.