Our bodies are self healing organisms that have amazing abilities to heal and regenerate when given a clean environment and the right nutrients.  Toxicity and nutritional deficiencies are the main causes of health issues that we are faced with today. Getting all of the nutrients our bodies need is almost impossible to do just in our daily diets. Particularly when eating a diet of cooked foods which lack the enzymes to digest it.  High quality enzyme and nutritional supplements are a good way to assure that our bodies are getting what they need to build healthy tissues and repair properly. We carry some of the best nutritional supplements available.

We are trained in and offer  the Loomis system of nutritional/enzyme deficiency evaluation. Dr Loomis has been studying and developing enzyme nutrition for over 50 years. We carry Enzyme Solutions formulas developed by Dr. Loomis which are whole food nutrients which can help you overcome and prevent a variety of health issues.

We are also trained in and off the M’lis system of enzyme and nutrition wellness programs. Dr. Nelson has been training spa’s to offer her wellness programs for almost 30 years. M’lis has comprehensive body detoxification and yeast management programs in addition to complete nutrition programs. Yeast overgrowth is very common in our society and causes many health problems.