Nutrition is the foundation of having a healthy body.  There are many advances and discoveries in the field of nutrition. There is also much misinformation about what is good for us to eat. The most important thing is to eat real food that is healthy, clean, and free from toxic chemicals. Packaged processed food is often loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Learning how to read labels and understanding what is in the food you are buying is very important. I often read a label and then put the product back on the shelf.  Just because someone is selling it doesn’t make it ok to put in your body. the best place to shop is the Puget Sound Consumer Coop or PCC for short. They care about you and offer quality food from companies that care about offering high quality products.

Every body is biochemically unique. Optimal health can only be attained when each person is viewed that way. Individuals cannot and should not be categorized or labeled to fit into a particular pharmaceutical paradigm. Before recommendations are made for an individual, specific biochemical and mechanical needs must be objectively ascertained and not subjectively surmised. A nutritional evaluation is a good place to start. Good nutrition nourishes and heals the body.