Body Care

Back treatment
Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, treatment mask, massage in an
area of choice while in treatment mask.
60 min $145

Salt Glow
Exfoliation, nourishment and hydration.
45 min $95

Thai body scrub
Deep body exfoliation and moisturizing. Soak in your bathtub
for 30 minutes just before coming in for best results.
60 min $125

Body wrap
Hydrawrap ~ Hydrating
90 min $145

Detox / Inch Loss / Cellulite Wrap
90 minutes $145

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Endermologie cellulite reduction
60 min $120 add on $55

Young Living essential oil therapy
Raindrop technique $85

Iteracare Treatment
Energizes cell metabolism, Clear meridians, Regulate gland activity,
Improves blood and lymph circulation.
40 minutes $95

 Q2 Energizing footbath
Micro-currents of energy recharge every cell in your body.
This machine is available for purchase. Go to Q2 page for more information.
35 min $60

Endermology is a cellulite treatment that can effect an actual reduction in the
appearance of cellulite, a improvement in skin tone, and a decrease in the volume of the figure.
Furthermore, as a technique which loosens fat that gets trapped under the skin’s surface, it is also an effective solution to the dimpling we often see in our buttocks and thighs over time. This procedure uses revolutionary vacuum massage technology proven to smooth and tighten the skin while improving circulation. For the best results do an internal detoxification and a detox bodywrap.