Myofascial Adhesion Release Massage with Aubra

My specialized massage technique, developed over 28 years of practice, is highly effective in eliminating chronic pain and tension as well as increasing mobility. With a series of treatments you will become balanced and your body energy will flow freely, giving you a deeper sense of well-being. UsingĀ  this technique I get great results helping people with Migraines and pain in all areas of the body including: Neck, back, hips, legs, knees, feet, arms, hands, jaw, scalp, and abdomen. I consider myself to be an expert in my field.

Over the years muscle tension and pain build up and keep us from freedom of movement and comfort in our bodies. Each muscle is covered with a dense tissue called fascia. Fibers develop between the muscle fascia, much like plant roots, weaving the muscles together and reducing independent movement of each muscle. This is called an adhesion. Adhesions can be spread over large areas of muscles and can become very thick. When these adhesions occur, the muscles, which are attached to the bones, pull the skeleton out of alignment as we move. When the bones are pulled out of alignment nerves are pinched causing muscle spasm and joint pain. When joints are out of alignment, friction is caused where there should be none, breaking down cartilage and stretching tendons. Muscles covered in thick adhesions in the fascia tend to spasm and can become locked in a spasm and cause intense pain. This is what I believe to be the cause of hip and knee replacements.

Ultimately the spinal cord is affected which causes stress to the brain. The brain then sends stress signals to the rest of the body via the nervous system. Tension and stress anywhere in the body is tension and stress everywhere in the body. These adhesions can occur anywhere in the body including the neck, jaw, scalp, face and organs. When adhesions occur in the jaw, scalp, and neck headaches and stress make it impossible to relax. Stress and tension become uncontrollable. The creases between the eyebrows are a good, very visible example of adhesions.

The treatment I use is called Deep Myofascial Adhesion Release. Basically I will break up the adhesions and free up the muscles and bones. Since these adhesions develop gradually over time you get used to the tension. By the time you experience pain, adhesions are usually thick and wide spread. Each person is different in how many treatments are needed to get the desired results based on adhesion thickness and how many areas are affected.